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SPP at a glance

At Randstad we love to share successes. That’s why we are proud to offer you an opportunity to get directly involved in Randstad’s development and growth: through Randstad’s Share Purchase Plan (SPP). The SPP gives all corporate employees a unique chance to participate in Randstad’s success. It is a tailor-made plan enabling you to become a ‘shareholder’ in Randstad. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple and fun!

  • You can choose a percentage up to 5% of your gross salary to save every month in order to purchase shares. The amount will be deducted from your net salary each month.
  • You can purchase shares twice a year with the money you’ll have saved. At the end of each “savings period” of six months, you decide whether or not to purchase shares.
  • The company takes care of the savings, handles the purchase of shares and the allocation of bonus shares and additional bonus shares to you.
  • Six months after purchase you’ll receive taxable bonus shares at 50% of the purchased shares, in case you are still employed by Randstad at that time
  • Twelve months after purchase you’ll receive additional taxable bonus shares at 50% of the purchased shares, in case you are still employed by Randstad at that time. (applies on shares purchased in May 2022 or thereafter with the amount saved as per November 2021)
  • The total number of shares (including the bonus and additional bonus) is administered on a personal share account arranged in tOption, our online SPP administration system, immediately after you have purchased shares
  • You can sell your shares at any time. If you sell your last purchased shares within six months after purchase, you will neither be entitled to receive bonus shares nor additional bonus shares. If you sell your purchased shares between six months and twelve months after purchase, you will be entitled to receive bonus shares, but you will not be entitled to receive additional bonus shares.

For a full overview of our Share Purchase Plan, please click here to access our Master Share Purchase Plan.

Your personal SPP account

Once you’ve purchased shares as an SPP participant, you receive access to your personal account in tOption (our SPP administration system). In tOption you will have immediate access to your portfolio and your personal details. It also enables you to sell your shares online, to view your transaction history and to change your personal details.

By default, tOption is displayed in English and the currency is set in Euro. You can change the default language and currency easily. Once you have logged in, click on <personal data>, and manage your preferences.

A tOption user manual can be downloaded to give you an easy introduction to tOption.


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