frequently asked questions.


  • How can I sell my shares?

    How to sell your shares is described in the manual. Chapter 9 descibes the process step by step.

  • I have sold shares, when will I receive the payment?

    We have two payment runs a month. The first for sales between the 1st and the 16th and the second one for the sales from the 16th till the end of the month. At the end of the period we need a processing time of 8 to 10 days before the money is transferred. The money will be transferred to the Randstad head office of your country. They will take care of the further payment to you. Please also take into account some time for the local Randstad head office to handle the process on their part. In the Netherlands and some UK companies the sale proceeds will be transferred directly into the account that's administered in tOption.

  • How many bonus shares do I get?

    The bonus shares are granted 6 months after you purchased
    shares. You will receive 50% additional shares and/or fractionsof shares calculated on the number of the last purchased shares you still have at that moment.

  • What is the response time on requesting new login details or e-mail?

    When you request new login details or sent us an e-mail we try to respond within one working day.

  • Who is eligible for the SPP?

    All corporate employees of the Randstad Group can take part in the plan. There is no minimum requirement regarding your length of service or position within the company.

  • Are there any risks involved?

    There are no risks during the savings period. You always receive interest on your savings and you are free to decide whether or not to purchase shares after every six-month savings period. Once you have purchased shares there is a risk that the shares will decrease in value. Six months after the purchase of the shares you will receive a bonus of 50% in additional shares. The net result can vary depending on local tax legislation and each individual situation. The bonus may contribute towards covering a possible drop in the share price. However, a certain degree of risk will always remain when investing in shares.

  • Can staffing employees participate?

    No, only corporate employees can participate in the SPP.

  • Can I make any changes during the six-month savings period?

    The amount you have chosen to save is fixed for six months. Any changes you want to make will apply to the next savings period. It is not possible to stop halfway through a six-month savings cycle. If you wish to stop saving, the amount saved, including interest, can be returned at the end of every savings period.

  • Should the savings account be cleared out every six months?

    Yes, you either have to purchase shares or the money saved will be refunded to you.

  • Is there a minimum saving amount?


  • Do I have to pay income tax on my savings?

    Your savings are based on your net salary, so income tax doesn’t apply. There are also no fiscal consequences when purchasing shares. However, you will have to pay tax on your bonus shares, as these are seen as extras. Please check the country-specific explanation for local tax issues.

  • What if I sell shares during the holding period?

    Bonus shares are only granted on the number of shares that are in your possession for the entire six-month holding period. If you sell part of your shares, you will only receive bonus shares on the number of shares kept as per the end of the holding period. Consequently if you sell your shares, no bonus shares will be granted.

  • When should tax be paid on the bonus shares?

    In principle tax must be paid in the month of granting or the first possible month thereafter (in case of unpaid leave). This subject to local rules.

  • When can I sell my shares?

    Shares are purchased twice a year after every savings period. In principle you can sell your shares from the moment you purchase them. As the bonus shares are issued six months after the purchase, in most cases it is advantageous to wait until after this six-month period before deciding to sell. (Bonus) shares can be sold directly after receiving your bonus shares.

  • As a shareholder, will I also receive dividends?

    Randstad N.V. regularly distributes a dividend on its shares. From the moment you purchase shares or receive bonus shares (and keep them) you are entitled to  such dividend payments on each following possible dividend date. After the appropriate Dutch dividend withholding tax has been deducted, you are entitled to a cash amount of net dividend, this will be deposited into your money account in tOption. You will be asked what you want to do with such cash dividend. The following options are available:

    (i) transfer the amount received to your personal bank account;

    (ii) use the amount received to purchase a full number of shares to add to your share account in tOption (period of choice: first upcoming open period after dividend payment);

    (iii) leave the amount received in the money account of tOption.

    In the event you choose for option (ii) any amount not used to purchase a full number of shares (as there might not be enough money available to buy a full share) will remain in your money account and can be used to purchase shares at the next dividend payment date.

    If you don’t make a choice in time to purchase a full number of shares, the net amount will remain in your money account in tOption and can be transferred to your personal bank account at any time.

    1. How often can I purchase shares?

      You can purchase shares twice a year after a six-month savings period. New savings periods begin on 1 May and 1 November of every year.

    2. Who administers the shares?

      The administration of the Share Purchase Plan is trusted to Randstad Holding. Randstad Holding uses a system called tOption, specifically designed for the administration of share schemes for employees.

      All participants have access to tOption to view their shares. It is also possible to sell your shares, change your address and see your transaction history. To ensure a save access you will receive a personal user-ID and password within 14 days after the first purchase of shares. A manual for the use of tOption can be downloaded from this site.

      You can find the tOption site under: tOption.

    3. What share price applies when I purchase or sell shares?

      The purchase date will be within two weeks after the savings period ends. This date will be communicated in advance and published on this website. The purchase price will be the closing price of the share the day before that date.

      When you sell shares, the share price will be determined on the day the order is received. The shares sold are purchased by Randstad Option Fund at the selling price as established in the SPP regulation. This selling course is determined by the average price taken over the opening and closing price of the Randstad N.V. share on the Euronext Amsterdam on the day of the sale. This selling price is only available after the end of the day of trading. If Euronext is closed on th day of the order then the order will be handled with the prices of the first next day that Euronext is open.  The sales transaction is not settled through Euronext, therefore there are no costs involved in selling shares.

    4. Can I transfer my shares to a private stock account?

      No this is not possible.

    5. What happens if I leave the company?

      If you leave the company during the savings period the saved sum including the interest will be paid to you upon departure.

      Should you leave in the period between purchasing the shares and the allocation of the bonus shares, you keep the shares purchased, yet you will no longer be eligible for the bonus.

      The purchased shares can be sold at any time, but should be sold within 24 months after the end of your employment contract. If your shares have not been sold within 24 months after the end of your employment contract, your shares will be sold automatically and the sales proceeds will be transferred to your money account in tOption.

    6. What if I start working more or less hours?

      The maximum amount to be saved is determined at the beginning of the savings period based on your monthly salary applicable for that month. This amount can be saved irrespectively of an increase or decrease of salary during that savings period. The amount to be saved can only be adjusted as per the next savings p